Secrets to Winning


    Coaching is the “third hat.” Coaching unlocks the full potential of individuals and teams. This is the hat you do not learn about in school that makes all the difference. Emily Liu and Kelly Poulos are passionate about developing coaching skills in the next generation of leaders. Coaching a player to peak performance is a process. The vehicle for coaching is a series of conversations. In Secrets to Winning, Emily and Kelly documented 10 real time Coach/Player conversations. You will witness how these conversations create commitment, passion, power, and action.

     It is a new world! Old school, top down, “command and control” management practices are extinct. This outdated management style creates compliant people who are just “OK.” For Emily and Kelly, “OK is not OK.” Peak performance requires versatility and speed. Today’s successful managers and entrepreneurs must be versatile and wear with ease three equally essential hats: manager, leader, and coach. Each hat is a distinct way of relating with an individual or a team.

About the Authors

    Kelly Poulos is an international management consultant and performance coach. Her long career is distinguished by a series of successful collaborations with individuals and organizations. Over a 35-year period, she has coached, trained and influenced over 100,000 entrepreneurs, managers and executives. She has logged in excess of 36,000 hours of Coaching and consulting.

      Her clients include individuals from the Fortune 500 and entrepreneurs who own or run small to mid-size companies. Kelly has Coached individuals who work for multi-national companies such as, Apple, HSBC, Unilever, AT&T, Sony, Microsoft JP Morgan Chase, Google, Cathay Pacific and Nestle, Prudential and Mass Mutual. They all have one thing in common; a compelling desire to succeed professionally and live deeply meaningful lives.

      Kelly’s work is international in scope. She has worked in all the major markets in the US. Her work had taken her to London, Montreal and Toronto, Canada and Buenos Aires in South America. Since 1996, she has worked extensively in Asia including: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai in North East Asia, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta in Southeast Asia.

      Kelly is a dynamic and in demand speaker. Speaking 50 plus times a year, she has given talks to prestigious groups like the Wharton/Yale Clubs of Hong Kong where she was the featured speaker on “Performance Coaching” in the continuing educational program sponsored by the two Hong Kong alumni clubs. As a keynote speaker for Vision 2020 conference held in Kuala Lumpur, she brought an audience of 5,000 to their feet as she spoke about leadership and peak performance. Kelly’s’ best selling CD Bridging the Gap in Leadership features an interview with Michael Creedman, a former Wall Street journal reporter and award winning media producer.

    She is known internationally for developing individuals who lead, coach and deliver results for themselves and through others. Her clients excel personally and professionally. Highly respected as a Master in her field, she is considered by her colleagues and clients to be the “best of the best.”

    Emily Liu is an accomplished businesswoman, business consultant, executive & performance coach, speaker and author. She has developed and expanded business as the executive in charge and as a Consultant and Coach to her clients.

    For the first 10 years of commercial experience, Emily served at a worldwide renowned advertising agency. She developed solid advertising and marketing competencies in providing international clients integrated, effective and creative solutions. Motivated by her leadership, Emily’s diversified team formed strong partnerships with clients in the sectors of fast moving consumer products, aviation and telecoms.

    Inspired by the impact of personal effectiveness and leadership development, Emily shifted her career path from advertising & marketing to training and coaching. Over the next 16 years Emily launched and grew a training consultancy firm that is a well-recognized and respected market leader. The outstanding performance of Taiwan prompted her relocation to Hong Kong to develop business in the North East Asia region. She moved on to the position of Manager Partner responsible for the whole organization. Emily moved from HK to Singapore in 2010 to establish her own Consulting and Coaching practice together with Kelly Poulos─3rd Hat Consulting Pte. Ltd.








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  吳宗信╱國家太空中心主任、火箭阿伯、國立陽明交通大學 ARRC前瞻火箭中心創辦人
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史上第一次太空危機: 雙子星8號
純氧烈火: 阿波羅1號
我已下令!結果要命…… 聯盟1號
最成功的失敗: 阿波羅13號
沉默的太空人: 聯盟11號
失事的太空梭上有我認識的人! 挑戰者號太空梭
「做了也沒用」的態度: 哥倫比亞號太空梭